4 Ways to Update Your Shopping Behavior

Conscious & ethical shopping is trending, yay! But how do you change your behavior to shop this way? Here are some things you can look for when shopping and a list of some brands that are doing it. 

1. Made in the USA

Ask brands in store or research online where they are manufactured. Made in the USA means they are supporting American jobs, fair wages, and are keeping a low carbon footprint by manufacturing locally. It's more expensive to manufacture in the states or Canada than it is overseas so give the brands some love that choose their morals and brand values over profit!

2. Fair Trade

When you buy fair trade it means you aren't supporting fast fashion. Fast fashion is when big retailers take designs straight from the runway to India and China to be manufactured at an extreme low cost, low quality, and high quantity. This usually results in using synthetic based fabrics (and cheap clothes you will end up throwing out anyway) and overworking and underpaying seamstresses. Research what brands practice responsible manufacturing. For instance GAP (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix brands) recently announced they are changing their business to promote sustainability and to protect human rights. They even introduced 40 certified fair trade styles to Athleta last spring. 

To learn more and see the reality behind fast fashion consider watching the documentary The True Cost.

3. Animal Friendly

When you buy clothing that isn't made from fur, leather, wool, or silk, congrats you are buying animal friendly! It may seem obvious but what that really means is you aren't supporting the capturing and killing of foxes, wolves, bunnies, lambs, cows, and yes often dogs and cats in China at the expense of your clothing. Could you imagine if we all shopped that way? Huge win for animals everywhere. So don't be scared to be that girl that is constantly checking fabric content on tags in store.

Check out save a Save a Fox sanctuary or @save_a_fox on Instagram to follow cute little foxes that have been rescued from the fur industry. 

4. Eco Friendly

When you buy clothing that is made overseas it is most likely not eco friendly because they don't have the same laws as the USA about manufacturing. For instance the USA doesn't allow harsh chemicals or dyes to be dumped into drinking water, and there is strict air quality control in the factories. When you buy eco friendly you also want to look for fabric content. For instance leather usually requires formadayhde which is terrible for the environment and polyester is always made partially from plastic. Look for fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, modal, tencel, or anything made from recycled materials and support brands that use them. 

For instance the athleisure company Port De Bras makes their yoga pants from recycled plastic.

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