Why Can't I Give up Cheese? 5 Tips & Tricks

So you are ready to be a more conscious consumer and give up eating animal products (yay!), but knocking the cheese seems impossible? Here are some basic tips & tricks. 

1) Add avocado 

On salads, on tacos, on sliced tomatoes...avocado sprinkled with salt & pepper will give you the same creamy texture and savoriness you crave with cheese. It also makes for great creamy dressings and dips like this one. 

2) Buy the good vegan nut-based cheeses

Forget that Daiya stuff. Head to Whole Foods to pick up Miyokos Creamery artisan cheeses like Aged English Sharp Farmhouse, or their award winning vegan mozzarella for pizza night. Also available for online order. Don't forget to check out Kite Hill's delicious chive cream cheese spread as well. 

3) Make your own easy cashew cheese

All you need is a blender. Find our very own recipe here for cashew ricotta or check out Julie Piatt's amazing cheese cookbook This Cheese is Nuts!

4) Nutritional yeast

Nutty and savory and known for it's "cheesy" flavor. Also contains every single B vitamin. When sprinkled on top of anything (like popcorn) it adds that "umami flavor". Watch a video on how to use it here

5) Use fresh herbs & spices

If you are lacking flavor like saltiness or smokiness in your cooking, instead of adding butter or cheese, opt for fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, and sage and spices like garlic salt, onion powder, chili powder, paprika, and fresh ground pepper. 



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