We wanted you to feel like you can wear pajamas all day long so we chose the softest fabrics that cause the least harm to animals and the environment. The added stretch makes them a tad sporty, therefor acceptable to wear outdoors.

Every aspect of Saved Kisses clothing is gentle: from production to the way it feels on your skin. That is why we ensure no animals were captured and killed, no cheap labor was purchased, and no harsh chemicals or dyes were used. All packaging is produced from recycled materials, our fabric mills have strict air quality control, and all clothing is 100% made in the U.S.A.

We take pride in our fabric being 92% modal- a non synthetic based fabric. It is developed from sustainably harvested beech trees giving it a wood pulp base and making it not only biodegradable, but giving it a "high wet modulus"- perfect for the girl that is always breaking a sweat or playing by the ocean.

Saved Kisses is getting back in touch with our hearts. Promoting a futuristic lifestyle for the untamed visionary that believes an educated consumer purchase can make the world a better and gentler place.